Acupuncture for Fertility, Pregnancy and IVF Support


Are You Pregnant Or Trying To Get Pregnant?

You MUST inform us if you are attempting for a child, or in any stages of pregnancy before your Acupuncture session.

This is because some acupuncture points are contraindicated during these periods.

Do NOT let this put you off – studies show acupuncture to be highly effective throughout all stages of pregnancy.

Learn more about Acupuncture for Fertility, Pregnancy & IVF support in the sections below…

Acupuncture For Fertility

Studies show acupuncture effective in reducing stress levels and stress is proven to interfere with the chances of becoming pregnant.

Clinical studies have shown acupuncture increases chances by 26% when combined with IVF treatment – (see ‘Acupuncture For IVF Support’ below)

Results of clinical acupuncture research published in Fertility and Sterility shows acupuncture can significantly increase the health and quality of sperm.

Does It Work And What Results Can I Expect?

  • Treatments can vary from weekly to twice a week  while trying to conceive
  • 83% of patients report feeling less stressed about conceiving
  • Acupuncture is shown to be beneficial in a variety of ways to assist conception
  • Results and time to achieve conception may vary depending on the individual case

Acupuncture During Pregnancy

Acupuncture during pregnancy can help with the following conditions:

  • Morning sickness
  • Back pain
  • Ligament pain
  • Premature cervical ripening
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Heartburn
  • Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension (Preeclampsia)

Acupuncture in the Third Trimester is extremely beneficial (acupuncture can help with labour, increase chances of a natural birth and help avoid induced labour & see the results from clinical studies)

Does It Work And What Results Can I Expect?

  • 2 sessions then weekly/fortnightly/monthly over 1-3 months
  • 80% of patients respond within 2 treatments, 20-70% on 1st
  • 10% of patients see no response.

You MUST tell us if you are pregnant before your acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture For IVF Support

In a clinical study, acupuncture for IVF Support has been demonstrated to increase the chances of falling pregnant from 39.4% significantly to 65.5%.

Does It Work And What Results Can I Expect?

  • Weekly while trying to conceive
  • An increased chance of becoming pregnant – see clinical study above.

The clinical study demonstrates such a huge increase in the chances of conception – the results speak for themselves.