Natural Fertility


Trying to conceive naturally?

Over the  years we have helped countless struggling couples and singles achieve a successful conception and healthy pregnancy with the assistance of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture has been an integral part of Eastern health care system for thousands of years but has only developed in popularity in the West in recent years. Acupuncture has been traditionally used in China to treat infertility since 475 BC. However it has been recent research into the more precise physiological effects of acupuncture on the reproductive system that has pushed acupuncture to the front as a Natural Fertility treatment.

The Journal of Complementary Medicine indicates that  couples using complementary medicines such as acupuncture and Chinese herbs can experience an increased conception rate and may fall pregnant sooner than those using Western medicine therapies.


Why choose Geelong Acupuncture Centre ?
We Love What We Do !

Dr Bradley Skellern has over 30 years of experience in the field of Natural Fertility and is passionate about his chosen profession and strives to deliver excellence in health care delivery and patient outcomes.

Dr Skellern takes a contemporary approach to Natural Fertility treatment by combining traditional acupuncture protocols with the latest scientific research.

This combined strategy allows the treatment to be designed to the individual while targeting specific phases during the menstrual cycle to boost fertility to achieve conception at the earliest possible opportunity.

(please read Our Approach to Natural Fertility)


Traditional Acupuncture approach to Natural Fertility Treatment 

The traditional attitude to fertility treatment is to Regulate the menstrual cycle. When the menstrual cycle in functioning normally, conception will occur.

This is still the attitude within many  current practices, and  when undertaking traditional acupuncture treatment for issues of fertility it is expected that you refrain from attempting conception for approximately three (3) months while your reproductive system is regulated. Regulating menstruation, reproductive hormones and resolving other possible impediments to conception can take between 3 to 8 months.

This can be very distressing for many couples. By the time decision is made to seek help, couples have already been trying to fall pregnant for quite some time and further delays to attempting conception can be quite disappointing.


Our Approach to Natural Fertility Treatment

During my thirty years working in the field of Natural Fertility and IVF Support, I have seen the wonderful effects of traditional acupuncture assisting with conception.

However, research over the last twelve to fifteen years has given a greater understanding of the actual physiological changes in the reproductive system in responses to acupuncture. This has given us the ability to better design treatments to target specific phases of the menstrual cycle to assist you in achieving a successful conception.

At the Geelong Acupuncture Centre, we take a combined approach to natural fertility treatment by blending the best of both worlds. The best of time tested traditional acupuncture and Chinese medical treatments blended with the latest scientific research.

Our combined traditional treatment philosophy with a targeted treatment strategy aimed at  assisting hormonal, ovarian and endometrial function at the appropriate phase of the menstrual cycle to take advantage of every opportunity for conception, while still addressing the underlying cause of your fertility problem.

This means no additional delays while undertaking treatment to assist with conception.


What does Infertility treatment include ?

The treatment usually incorporates a combination of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, with Nutritional Supplements, Diet  and lifestyle Advise.

A personalised Fertility Treatment Plan will be developed for you and your partner.

Your specific needs and circumstances are taken into consideration when developing your Fertility Treatment Plan, which is constructed from your reproductive health assessment according to Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy and Western Medical diagnosis.

The treatment plan or schedule can vary from patient to patient and is relevant to your individual circumstance.

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